Podcasters asking Apple to add climate category to world’s largest podcast app

Podcasters Declare
4 min readFeb 2, 2021


Why are we petitioning Apple for a Climate Category!?

In 2021, every podcast listener is familiar with ‘true crime’ podcasts. When Apple validated the space by creating a top-line category in its podcast directory, it allowed for True Crime charts, for easier discovery by listeners, and the ability of creators to more easily describe and promote their shows.

Podcasters Declare, a new group of podcasters engaged with the climate crisis, has chosen to campaign for a climate category in podcast directories as it’s first action, starting with the biggest directory, and podcast app, in the world.

Apple Podcasts is the largest listening endpoint in the world, so their podcast category, which is solely at their discretion, wields a lot of power.

Discovery by podcast category is just one way listeners find new shows, and not the largest way (which is word of mouth). But having a category:

  • ‘Validates the space’ as it did for True Crime.
  • Lets podcasters find each other, whereas right now climate shows are spread amongst various, sometimes quite ill-fitting categories.
  • Allows a category chart for identifying leaders and promoting friendly competition, and this chart also contributes to monetization and growth.
  • Paves the way for further growth and development.

What are we asking Apple for?

We hope to start a dialogue with Apple on climate representation, discovery and priority in their industry-leading Apple Podcasts apps and directory.

We’re asking them to act with urgency and honesty on the climate emergency, as they have publicly stated their support for in their environment reports, in their product design and packaging, and their energy use.

We think this is something they want to do, and we want to show them there’s support and enthusiasm for it in the podcast community — like there was for True Crime, Fiction and History in 2019.

There’s room for sub-categories under Climate, and we hope to engage Apple in a dialogue with the signatories around reflecting the diversity of the content being made in this space, on this intersectional topic — which is also the greatest crisis of our time.

So — what are we asking for, exactly?

What Apple did in 2019 — adjusting their podcast directory to match a new reality, new content gaining in popularity, others needing to be moved around — we want them to do that again, now in 2021.

It will turn the climate podcasting community from this —

Into this —


Who can sign the Open Letter to Apple?

Do I have to be a climate podcaster?

  • No! If you think climate conversations are worth having, and worth finding, then sign the letter. Or even if you just think that the Apple Podcasts directory should be as accurate and well-organised as possible, then you should support this.

Who’s behind this campaign?

When will you submit the open letter and signatures to Apple?

Why Apple?

  • The biggest podcast app, default directory, and strong climate and environment pledges. We believe that if Apple acts, it’ll change podcasting.

What’s changed since 2019?

In the intervening years, Australia has burned.

California, Siberia, the Amazon have burned.

Zoonotic disease caused by disappearing habitat for wildlife has caused a global pandemic.

Podcasting affects people, people can affect the climate crisis, Apple can help us solve the greatest problem of our time — and all we’re asking for is them to do something they already did in 2019, again.

Get involved at podcastersdeclare.com.

Sign the open letter, and ask your favourite hosts to do the same!

Will you join us, and sign our open letter to Apple?



Podcasters Declare

Help us raise the volume for climate-engaged podcasters by asking Apple to add a climate category. Why? Because the real True Crime is climate silence.